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I have a new Amazon number 1 bestselling book “Success With Style: How To  Create A Signature Look That Says You Mean Business” find it on the products page http://www.successandimagecoach.co.uk/products

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In today’s rapidly changing world, it’s more important than ever to be happy.

My main focus in my business used to be helping clients – women just like you to gain promotion at work – and if that is what you want and need then let’s do it!

But I have come to realise that this isn’t really how it works.

Everything we do in life – every promotion we apply for, every new pair of shoes we buy, everything we want to achieve is done because we think it will increase our happiness.

It is that simple! Pity it doesn’t work like that!


So now I do things the other way round.

I focus on happiness, which is an inside job and cannot be found in all the external trappings that we think will make us happy.

So I work with women like you to increase happiness by releasing the authentic and amazing woman you are inside.

I do this buying my unique 3 step MAP system …

  • M – developing a happiness mindset by discovering your most important values and then using this knowledge as a base for future decisions.
  • A – become the authentic you by making decisions that support your values and dressing in clothes that flatter your body shape and colour, work for your lifestyle and make you feel amazing.
  • P – prioritise your personal wellness by discovering high-level nutrition, drinking enough water, ensuring you have sufficient, good-quality sleep and moving your body with exercise that you can enjoy and fit into your lifestyle, to enable you to maintain a positive attitude to life.

When you work with my unique 3 step MAP system you will feel full of life and energy and will develop an attitude of gratitude and abundance that is so important. This is when all of your dreams and goals begin to manifest in your life with little effort.

You see, when your life and style are completely in sync with who you truly are, it is reflected in everything you do. Your performance at work will be enhanced, relationships will be easier, you’ll handle change with ease and you’ll feel great…all the time. And that’s when you start loving life and achieving those long-cherished goals.

Please explore the site to find out about the different products, seminars and one-on-one sessions I offer.

I look forward to meeting you and putting you on the path to living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Sue Courtney

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